Asahi Brewery of Dassai in Jan.2009


2167-4 Osogoe,Shuto-cho,Kuga-gun,Yamaguchi JAPAN 742-0422
TEL(0827)86-0120 FAX(0827)86-0071

Finally I visited Dassai! Dassai is located Osogoe, Shuto town in Yamaguchi prefecture. It was very quiet and has beautiful mountains and rivers like an imaginary town in tales of old Japan. AND, I was very excited about the brewers of Dassai because…they are all young and good looking guys! Dassai sake is always very smooth and juicy like fresh fruits…. The brewers made me understand the power of Dassai….

Nyutou Onsen in Akita in Jan.2009

Nyutou Onsen(hot spring) in Akita with my husband and friends from New York. Nyuto Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring.

We enjoyed many type of hot spring, and had grilled river fish, mountain vegetable dishes, hot pot dish, and lots of Sake of Akita.

It was 2days before my wedding ceremony….

Old house visit in my hometown in Jan.2009

My brother took me, my husband and friend to the oldest house in my tiny hometown of Akita prefecture. It was very interesting experience. The old lady served us Japanese sweet and green tea first. Then after while, she took us to their storage room to show HOME MADE SAKE. It was the thickest and strongest flavor sake ever in my life! It’s almost Moromi.

They showed us a stuffed bear which the old man captured. Also, they lent me their very old serious sake cups for my wedding ceremony. Those classic sake cups are very difficult to find nowadays.

Ekiben-Tonkatsu Bento Box

d90_akita_tokyo2009_13_61 Do you know Ekiben?

Eki means a train station, Ben means bento box. Yes. Ekiben=Bento box sold at train stations. Having Ekiben in a train is one of big pleasure of train trip.

This deep fried pork bento box is sold at Morioka station of Iwate prefecture. Especially, this pork is special local pork called “Sasuke Pork”.

You can fine Ekiben at train stations very easily in all over Japan.

Have a safe trip, and enjoy lovely Ekiben in your train! If you are going to Japan….

Kariho Brewery(Akita Seishu) in Jan.2009

Akita Seishu Brewery  83-1 Tochiya aza Amagasawa, Daisen-city Akita 014-0801, JAPAN
TEL 81-187-63-1224  FAX 81-187-66-2277

Another Akita Seishu’s brewery, Kariho Brewery in Akita. I visited there with my husband and friends from New York. This experience made them huge Sake fans!

Asamai Brewery (Ama no to) Jan.2009

Asamai Shuzo Co.,Ltd.
388 Asamai,Hiraka-machi Yokote City,Akita Prefecture 013-0105.Japan

I love Ama no to (Heaven’s Door). I’m proud of my hometown Akita has many great sake breweries! Ama no to is one of them. They are very small brewery, but brewing amazing sake. I read the book about the brewery written by Toji of Asamai Brewery many times. It makes me laugh and very emotional. Brewing sake has so many dramas!!

If you haven’t tried their sake yet, you should try. Never get disappointed.

Hinomaru Brewery in Jan.2009

Hinomaru Brewery

114-2 Nanoka-cho, Masuda-machi, Yokote, Akita

Tel: 0182-42-1335

This is one of great breweries of my hometown Akita prefecture. The brewery is very old, but still so beautiful as a historic building. In fact, they are authorized as an important cultural property.  I visited them with my husband Jim and friend Sante from New York. It was great great memory!

Nanbu Bijin Brewery in Jan.2009

13 Kamimachi Fukuoka Nihohe-Shi Iwate Prefectre 028-6101
TEL +81 195-23-3133 FAX +81 195-23-4713

It was my first visit of Nanbu Bijin Brewery. I think Nanbu Bijin is one of the most popular Sake brand in the world. That’s why I was expected their brewery is big, but it was NOT. The brewers are so close like a real family, and the lady workers were so happy even they are working so hard all day long. Mr. Kuji who is a senior managing director said they want to brew good sake like the sun. (his son was named Taiyo which means the sun in Japanese by Mr. Kuji)

Yes, I can see the sun in their sake. Don’t you think?

Dewatsuru Brewery(Akita Seishu) in Sep.2005

Akita Seishu Brewery 83-1 Tochiya aza Amagasawa, Daisen-city Akita 014-0801, Japan

Tel 81-187-63-1224 Fax 81-187-66-2277

URL E-mail:

Akita. Akita. Akita. YES, as many of my sake friends know that is MY SWEET SWEET HOMETOWN!

I’m so happy to introduce great brewery from my hometown Akita. AKITA SEISHU BREWERY, they actually have 2 breweries, Kariho brewery and Dewatsuru brewery. I visited Dewatsuru brewery few years ago with my mother in summer vacation, and had so many new sake at their beautiful tasting room. I want to share my great memories with you!