Tenju Cup Sake from Akita

P1040767Tonight’s cup sake is Tenju from Akita. So local taste, but very clean and mild, almost vanilla ice cream flavor, even Futsushu. You can see this man’s smile. It proved the it;)




UGOPOLY is MONOPOLY’s Akita edition! I know it sounds weird…but this game is very serious!!

We some Akita Sake Club board members got together for playing this game at my home, but no one had played even regular Monopoly…so, we needed to learn how to play this first with a description. It took a while…little hard to get it, but we started playing UGOPOLY anyway!

I believe that the rule is almost same as the regular Monopoly. We buy the lands, expand them, and protect them, but sometimes Miss Tamagawa hot spring (Tamagawa hot spring is one of very famous hot springs in Akita) offers us to pay her some extra money… but Akita ken (Akita dog) sometimes tells us something good like “I dug here, and found some money!” So funny and cute. We played over 5 hours for playing just one game!! Who was winner?? Yes, I AM!! Yeah!! I became a super rich Akita girl!! I wish it was real….!

During the game, we had great Akita sake Kariho “Rokushu” Junmai Ginjo Nama (not available US market) with our local specialty Iburi gakko which is smoked daikon radish pickles from my mother in Akita.

Akita meets New York. I can’t wait the next UGOPOLY party!! You wanna join us?


Nanbu Bijin All Koji 2008 Special Cocktail is back!

P1040681P1040654Thank you for waiting! And I’m so happy to announce about this again!

The last All Koji special cocktail set of our sake friend Mixologist Gen-san was sold out right away at Soba Totto!

I’ve received some of All Koji again for my sake lovers!

Unfortunately, this All Koji is still limited product, so I want to give you special password to get this cocktail with special price.

the password is… “Sake and The City” !!

Regular Nanbu Bijin summer cocktail is on their regular menu. It’s so lovely too! It’s my regular favorite one!

Run to Soba Totto right now with the password “Sake and The City” !!

Nanbu Bijin All Koji 2008 special cocktail set…….$14!!

Soba Totto 211 E 43rd St # A New York, NY 10017
(212) 557-8200
Get directions

Cup Sake Research with Sake Samurai at Ippudo

akishika-cupHave you ever had Cup Sake? Or do you still think Cup Sake is all bad?

Cup Sake is supposed to be cheap and easy to get anywhere like kiosk of train station or automatic vending machine in Japan, so most of Cup Sake is Honjozo or Junmai class for some reasons.

Actually, I hadn’t had good image about Cup Sake long time but time has changed. Some Cup Sake is great, and the design is so cute. They are so charming as regular glasses after drink. I used to have some of cute printed Cup Sake glasses as my favorite glasses when I was little girl. I was longing for having real Cup Sake in a train someday when I become grown-up….

I think Cup Sake is a great souvenir from Japan. Many breweries have made Cup Sake for only their local areas. Try to find your favorite Cup Sake if you have a chance to travel in Japan! (the picture is Akishika Cup Sake “Bambi Cup” from Osaka. this is one of the most popular Cup Sake in Japan. not available in U.S. market unfortunately.)

p1040720Ippudo NY has 7 kinds of Cup Sake for only $7 each! I think this price is the cheapest in the city. You can enjoy the Cup Sake at only bar area. The manager Mr. Shimazu said “I don’t want to set high price for Cup Sake, even we don’t gain. Cup Sake is supposed to be cheap and enjoy very casually!” What a cool man he is!

If you are interested about Cup Sake, check my best sake friend and Sake Samurai Timothy’s website Urbansake.com! It’s very interesting!


By the way, this young man next to me is Shintaro-kun, who is my favorite Ippudo boy! So cute, isn’t he??

Free Music and Good Sake in the Great Outdoors


What a lucky person I am! My hair stylist Kyoko in NY introduced me lovely Japanese lady Chieko-san yesterday at the concert in Central Park. Chieko-san’s husband Satoshi-san is double bassist of NY Philharmonic! So, we got VIP tickets! Arigato~~Chieko-san! Satoshi-san, and of course my lovely friend Kyoko~!!

We got a nice spot on the green, and of course had nice sake in the bag and some snack. We were so excited to talk before the concert, but suddenly we got ready to concentrate for the concert when we heard musicians’ tuning. It reminded me when I was in brass band of high school…. I was a percussionist. (Now, I’m drumming only my belly, though! Ha)

We were sipping beautiful Daiginjo in the beautiful classic music…. The night’s sake was Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo which is a gift from the brewery when I visit there this spring. How luxury the night was!

Next surprise was fireworks!! It was soooo beautiful!!! They were not hidden by buildings at all!!! It was my first perfect fireworks in NY!!

Then……..we moved to Chieko-san’s home for drinks. Then next surprise! We saw super old and, of course, super expensive Satoshi-san’s double bass!! (There were two basses, but one was not his own bass he said.)

The beautiful music, amazing fireworks, good sake, and lovely couple…. I felt so much love from them last night.

Thank you for unforgettable beautiful night!!


One Cup Sake Matsuri at Soba Totto

‘One Cup Sake’ Matsuri at Soba Totto

panda-cupUrbanSake.com and Kanpai NY are pleased to present… One Cup Sake Night at Soba Totto on Thursday July 16th at 7:00.

Please join us as we celebrate One Cup Sake Week (July 13th – 19th) on UrbanSake.com – featuring reviews and commentary on the best one cup sakes available in the U.S. We’ve created a special one cup sake list with 7 of our favorite one cups! Most of them are hard to find here in NY, and it’s rare to have so many available in one place!

If you don’t know, one cup sake is a glass of sake that comes in a collectible glass cup. They’re typically sold in vending machines in Japan. It’s a concept that was created by Ozeki in the 60’s, and now lots of sake breweries have their own version of the one cup!

Here’s our special one night only one cup sake list…
Chiyomusubi Kitaro Jungin Junmai Ginjo
Chiyomusubi Nezumi Otoko Jungin Junmai Ginjo
Chiyomusubi Oyaji Gokuraku Junmai Ginjo
Kosui Shizenjo Junmai
Ozeki One Cup Junmai
Shimantogawa Junmai Ginjo
Wakatsuru Junmai Daiginjo

Please join us as we celebrate the cult of the one cup! Kanpai!
RSVP and more information here:
What: One Cup Sake Night at Soba Totto
When: July 16, 2009 7:00 PM
Where: Soba Totto
211 E. 43 St.
New York, NY 10017

My little garden

photo5My friend Tomoko of Cha-an’s chef and new friend Fuko of art director of Sony music said scallions are super easy to grow at home, even super lazy wife like me! Scallion is all-around player of cooking, especially for ATE of sake! Save some money as a smart Sake Sommelier and wife!?

So, I went to Home Depot to get soil and a pot for scallions. It was so easy. Just put in the leftover of scallion roots in the soil. That’s it!

This is about the 10th day. It’s about time to cut the top of green parts, but looks so cute…. I don’t know I can cut and eat them….

I don’t know when I become a smart Sake Sommelir and wife….

photo6Also, I got cute pots at street fare the other day. I’m waiting to get Shiso roots from Tomoko sometime soon! Cannot wait a harvest….

I have to have a harvest festival! Of course, with good sake;)

Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junmai Debut

photo2My sake friend lovely Kuro-chan of Hakkaisan Brewery of Niigata prefecture gave me new Hakkaisan sake “Hakkaisan Tokubetsu Junai” last week.

As you know, Hakkaisan is one of big and classic sake breweries. So many people have tasted and known this sake, even they have no idea about sake.

All Hakkaisan sakes are super clean, smooth, sharp, and dry like cold clean water of river of Niigata prefecture, even Honjozo type. This Tokubetsu Junmai is also very Hakkaisan taste, but little milder than other Hakkaisan. However, much clearer and sharper than typical Tokubetsu Junmai. Especially, this cleanness is great for summer. I can keep drink all night! (or all day long??)

Tonight’s ATE is light pickled red cabagge, simmered Washu beef with Shiitake mushroom, and my favorite pickled Rakkyo.

Arigatou Kuro-chan!

Great Japanese Ceramist Ryota Aoki is in NYC


I have never seen such a young funky and good looking Japanese ceramist! Mr. Ryota Aoki is one of remarkable young ceramists in Japan. His second gallery show in NY has been opened at Ippodo Gallery in Chelsea, New York. He came to the gallery for opening party on July 2nd , and he was very excited about my sake Dassai 39 and Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo for his beautiful arts. I was so happy to collaborate with beautiful Japanese new arts as a sake sommelier.

New Ceramics Laboratory “Ryota Aoki’s Nippon!” is through September. Please check this out.

Ippodo Gallery

521 W 26th St New York, NY 10001-5531 (212) 967-4899
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Tonight’s ATE–Tamago Yaki at Sushiden

img_0410I had Tamago Yaki(Japanese egg omelet) with Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai seasonal namazake at Sushiden.

Mostly, kids love sweet Tamago Yaki, but still grown-ups love to pick sweet Tamago Yaki. However, the way to have Tamago Yaki is little changed. Sweet Tamago Yaki needs grated Daikon radish with soy sauce. We pick it as ATE for sipping Sake.

Having wonderful omakase sushi is a very luxurious reward for grown-ups, and swear to work harder from tomorrow to ourselves…. I think.

When is my next reward!?

Sushiden Madison Ave: 19 E 49th St New York , NY 10017
telephone : 212.758.2700
Lunch 11:45am – 2:15pm Dinner 5:30pm – 10:00pm
(Saturday & National Holidays are closed.)

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