“Sake And The City” 3 for Web Magazine OPENERS (Japanese only)

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OPENERS “Sake And The City”

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NY Sake Fans meet Mr. Hakkaisan at Momokawa

I believe that one of the first experience of drinking smooth sake for many people is Hakkaisan from Niigata prefecture.

Mr. Jiro Nagumo A.K.A. Mr. Hakkaisan was visiting NYC for just couple days, and the one of his days in NY was for us! How lucky we are! We had a wonderful night at one of my most favorite Japanese place in NY, Momokawa. I really thank my sake life in NY when I get a great opportunity to meet sake producers. I really love to hear their philosophy for brewing sake… it’s always mystery, wonder, and my passion for sake gets bigger and stronger!


in the picture: Sexy guy Mr. Hakkaisan Jiro-san, lovely my friend Kurosawa-san of Hakkaisan, and our Sake samurai Timothy!

Unbelievably, the night, January 21st was Jiro-san’s birthday!! I ordered special birthday cake to my most favorite sweets chef in New York, Tomoko Kato of  Cha-an. I’m sake person, as you know, but not sweets person, but her sweets are totally different. Especially, my favorite is her rare cheese cake! This cheese cake with sake is great combination! Trust me!


in the picture: Beautiful owner Mie-san of Momokawa, my assistant Fumiko, and Jiro-san

Jiro-san was very surprised, and told me “very small piece is fine for me” when he saw the cake. However, after he had one bite, “sorry, I can eat them all!” he said. I knew it!!


How many bottles of Hakkaisan we had at the night?? Honjozo cold and warm, Junmai Ginjo cold and warm, 2 kinds special Daiginjo cold and warm….with Jiro-san’s philosophy. It’s definitely going to be unforgettable night for us! Thank you Jiro-san and Kurosawa-san!

Sake And The Sundance Film Festival!


I had been in Park City for Sundance film festival for this last few days. My husband is film maker, and he edited one of the movies “Blue Valentine“. We had a great party with the crew, including Ryan Gosling and Michalle Williams. It was wonderful night!!


The movie is very beautiful and sad… so real love story. Ryan and Michalle are awesome! They made me cry a lot!

We wish Blue Valentine will get awarded….!


Sake Tasting & Cultural/Business Exchange in NJ

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Jointly Presented by
Japan-US Alliance of New Jersey
Japanese American Society of NewJersey
Crowne Plaza Englewood
In Collaboration with
Sake Discoveries, LLC
NY Mutual Trading Inc.
New York Taiko Aikokai
Gotta Eat Sweets

This special event offers Asian and American communities in New Jersey an opportunity to develop friendships and business relations in a fun and casual party-like atmosphere. It’s a gathering of friends
to learn and teach Japanese tradition through Sake tasting.

This is our first Sake Tasting Event and, along with

our expert Sake sommelier, entertainment, relaxed conversation and great food,
should make for a great night. So please join us.

Sake Sommeliers : Chizuko Niikawa-Helton and Seju Yang
Sake 101/Sake Teacher : Timothy Sullivan
Date & Time : Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
Time : 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Venue : Crowne Plaza Englewood
401 South Van Brunt St. Englewood, NJ 07631
Fee : $20 (Member of JUSA-NJ&JAS-NJ)
Attire : Business Casual
Age 21 & Older and Accommodations Limited
RSVP by February 20th to WWW. JUSANJ.ORG
Inquiries: (201) 424-7850
Sake Brands : Nanbu Bijin Brewery Asahi Brewery(Dassai) Shata Brewery(Tengumai)
Kato Kichibei Shouten(Born) Asamai Brewery(Amanoto) Akita Seishu Brewery(Dewatsuru)

Organic Junmai “Akira” Tasting at Sakaya

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Are you looking for new sake, organic sake, or great Junmai for warm sake?

Please join our tasting event at Sakaya on Feb. 4th from 5pm! You can try organic junmai “Akira” (not available U.S. market yet), and also you can enjoy the big difference of the flavor of organic rice Mitsuhikari and organic sake rice Gohyakumangoku with the rice farmers of Kanazawa Daichi from Ishikawa prefecture. It’s going to be very unusual fun tasting.


324 East 9th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 505-7253

Ultimate Rice Tasting Set at Sakagura on Feb. 4th

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I’ll be serving great Organic Junmai “Akira” with Japanese organic farmers from Kanazawa Daichi from Ishikawa prefecture at Sakagura on February 4th from 8pm! Don’t miss it!


211 East 43rd Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 953-7253

Lovely Flower Cup Sake


Soooooo cute cup sake from my hometown Akita!!! Thank you mom! I’ll use them as glasses too!

I talked about Cup Sake on UrbanSake.com last summer. Did you read that?

Five top sake brands at Keio Department Store Shinjuku 2009

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This article on Asahi Newspaper of Japan is about five top sake brands at Keio Department Store Shinjuku‘s liquor store.

1. Dassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo

2. Hakkaisan Honjozo

3. Echigo Tsurukame Tobingakoi Daiginjo

4. Daishichi Junmai Kimoto

5. Kuroushi Hekizan Junmai Ginjo

If you have a chance to travel to Japan, you should check the sake store! Great selections!

Anticipate the Spring with Nanbu Bijin’s Namazake


Hakubai Restaurant Opening Reception

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This event is not open to the public. Sorry.

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