Try HOT Hakkaisan Honjozo at Aburiya Kinnosuke!

Do you still believe Hot sake is cheap or bad sake??

That’s NOT true!

Unfortunately, some of restaurants still don’t know how to make Okan sake. (warm sake)

Basically, I love NOT heated-up too much one called “Nurukan” (about 100F – 115F) when I have Okan sake, but if you try Hakkaisan Honjozo warm, I highly recommend a little higher temperature than Nurukan like 130F. It’s about between “Jokan” (about 120F ) and “Atsukan” (about 132F).

Recently, I visited Aburiya Kinnosuke in midtown NYC for a dinner, and they were serving best temperature for Hakkaisan Honjozo! Their grilled dishes are absolutely all great for Okan sake! You should try the great combination! I enjoyed hot Hakkaisan Honjozo with a grilled Eihire, dried skate fin, a deep fried soft boiled egg Onsen tamago with sea salt, and a Washu beef hanger stake on a salt rock plate. Omg, sooooo good!!!

They are serving Hakkaisan Honjozo hot sake as Atsukan special until end of January. Why don’t you try?

Also, I recommend some of more great Japanese restaurants where serving best temperature for hot Hakkaisan! Try try TRY!!

Go to Hakkaisan’s website!