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PbP Plate By Plate

Metropolitan Pavilion South
125W 18th Street, NY

On Oct 1st, Project by Project (PbP), a national volunteer-run Asian American non-profit organization, hosted Plate By Plate, The 12th Annual Tasting Benefit at Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea, New York. This year PbP benefitted the Hamilton-Madison House (HMH), Manhattan based non-profit settlement house providing a range of health and social programs to aid NYC’s Asian immigration population.

The event showcased various delicious creations from more than 25 premium restaurants in NYC, attended by hundreds of food and drink lovers looking forward to sample the food. The participated restaurants presented their popular dishes; Blue Smoke’s roasted pig, En Japanese Brasserie’s silky tofu, Geisha’s tuna avocado roll w/ toasted almond crust, Yerba Buena’s BBQ short ribs w/ crunchy corns, Spot’s Dessert Bar’s chocolate cake w/ fruit jam, and more. The featured drinks were not only wine and beer, but also popular Japanese sakes were served organized by Sake Discoveries; Dassai, Daishichi, Hakkaisan, Nanbu Bijin, and Tengumai. In addition to sakes, shochu (Japanese vodka) was served; sweet potato Kuro Shiranami, and barley Kannoko from Satsuma Shuzo.

The event was co-emceed by NY1’s Vivian Lee and MSNBC’s Richard Lui. As a part of events, two celebrity chefs competed on Quickfire Challenge; Top Chef (season 3) winner’s Hung Huynh v.s. Ai Fiori’s executive chef Chris Jaeckle. The chosen ingredient for the challenge was “pork,” and the chefs were able to complete their pork dishes less than 10 minutes. The fun continued with “Celebrity Sous Chefs & Bartenders” where the guests had a chance to chat directly with the celebs while they were help serving food or drinks at the selected booths; CNN reporter Sandra Endo, CSI’s actor Archie Kao, actress Michelle Krusiec from “Saving Face“, Project Runway’s winner (season 5) Leanne Marshall, Hot 97’s “Miss Info” Minya Oh, and more.

It was a fun event bringing people together with various tasty food and drinks, and the best part of the night was that as much as the guest enjoyed the good food and drinks, the event was for a good cause helping the NYC community in need.

10月1日、第12回 Project by Project (PbP) Annual Tasting Benefit がチェルシーにある Metropolitan Pavilion にて開催されました。PbP はアジアンアメリカンの生活の質を改善するために援助活動しているノンプロフィット団体です。今回のイベントへの入場チケットやオークションで得た利益は、NY市におけるアジアコミュニティーの健康保険や社会福祉に援助され、低所得者に住居を援助する団体 Hamilton-Madison House (HMH) のサポートとともに行われました。

今回のイベントのメインは、肉料理、野菜料理、デザートなど、NY内の25店以上のレストランが作りだす人気料理をテイスティングできることでした。BBQといえば Blue Smoke の豚の丸焼き、上品な日本風居酒屋 En Japanese Brasserie の手作り絹豆腐、アジアンフュージョンレストラン Geisha のマグロとアボガドロール、Yerba Buena のショートリブBBQ、創作的なデザートで人気の Spot’s Dessert Bar のチョコレートケーキなと、数えれないほどの料理やデザートがありました。食べ物の他にもワインやビールなどがサーブされ、特に大人気だったブースは、日本酒をNYに広げる Sake Discoveries が提供した日本酒(獺祭, 大七, 八海山, 南部美人天狗舞)と焼酎(薩摩酒造)で、日本のお酒にあまり馴染みのない参加者たちも楽しんで飲んでいました。

このイベントの司会は、NYのローカルニュースチャンネル NY1で活躍中の Vivian Lee と MNSBC のニュースキャスター Richard Lui によって進められ、テイスティングと同時に行われた、リアリティー料理番組で人気の Top Chef 3で優勝した Hung Huynh 対 Morimoto レストランの元シェフ現在 Ai Fiori で料理長のChris Jaeckel による豚を使った10分間料理対決、そしてアナウンサーや俳優などの芸能人(Sandra Endo, Archie Kao, Michelle Krusiec, Leanne Marshall, Minya Oh) がレストランブースでのサーブのお手伝いに参加するなど、盛りだくさんなイベントとなりました。



On Sept 24th, Hakubai restaurant in The Kitano Hotel hosted another seasonal Kaiseki “Hajime no ippo” dinner featuring Hakkaisan sake. “Hajime no ippo” means First Steps to enjoying Kaiseki style cuisine. It was so much fun night! Love KITANO!

Take a look Chamagraphy!

More pictures from HERE!

Dassai boys in NYC!

The event “Summer Kawauso(Otter) Night” at Sakagura was big success! So many customers ordered Dassai special tasting set, even it was Monday:D

We served 3 kinds of Dassai; Dassai 39 Sparkling, Dassai 50 Nama (sold in only Japan), Dassai 39 for just $14 at the night.

Look at the big smile of Prince Dassai, Mr. Sakurai(on the right end) and 3 of cute brewers!! Hope we can do another “Kawauso(Otter) Night” soon!

Thank you Sake Samurai Tim-san for the great picture! I “SAKE” New York!!

Chamagraphy: Sakagrua x Hakkaisan Night on July 7th 2010

Sake Discoveries produced special Hakkaisan Star Festival “Tanabata Matsuri” for Sakagura Restaurant New York. Please take a look my food photographer Kumi Hayase’s blog Chamagraphy. To see more photos of this event, visit—-HERE!

Chamagraphy: Momokawa x Hakkaisan Night on July 6th 2010

Sake Discoveries produced special Hakkaisan dinner and small tasting set for Momokawa Restaurant New York. Please take a look my food photographer Kumi Hayase’s blog Chamagraphy. To see more photos of this event, visit—-HERE!

Chamagraphy: Hakubai x Hakkaisan Kaiseki dinner

On June 25th Hakubai Restaurant in The Kitano New York held a special Kaiseki event called “Kaiseki Hajime no Ippo” (great first step to enjoying Kaiseki style food). This event was limited to only 16 participants. The cost is $65 per person (does not include tax & tip).  Served 3 kinds of Hakkaisan including special Daiginjo. Also,  they received some gifts from Hakkaisan and The Kitano New York.

Please take a look beautiful article and pictures from great food photographer Kumi Hayase’s blog Chamagraphy.

To see more photos of this event, visit…

Kubota Night at Sakagura!


IMG_0799I believe that you have heard the sake brand’s name “Kubota”, even you are not big sake fan. Kubota(Kubota is a sake brand of Asahi Brewery in Niigata prefecture, and Kubota brand has many grades as well) is one of the most famous sake brands in the world. Niigata prefecture has over 100 sake breweries, and of course very famous and popular as a sake region in Japan. Kubota is the top brand in Niigata, which means Kubota is one of the top sake brand in Japan. Fortunately, we can find Kubota brand in New York easily, but some Kubota’s Daiginjo are very hard to get in Japan!

So, I can say that we are very lucky to enjoy Kubota anytime at Sakagura or many Japanese resstaurants in New York. Especially, Sakagura has many Kubota brands like Kubota Manju, Kubota Hekiju, Kubota Koju, Kubota Senju, Senshin, and my most favorite Kubota’s Junmai Daiginjo Tokugetsu!

The other night, I really enjoyed Kubota sake tasting at Sakagura with my best sake friend Timothy Sullivan.

Mr. Sanjo of Kubota(the guy right side in the 2nd picture) served 6 kinds of Kubota with little cute gifts for customers. (BTW, he is one of the cutest sake people from Japan!)

Oh, and another great thing happened at the night. I saw very lovely couple who love Niigata and huge Kubota Senju fans! (they are in the picture with Mr. Sanjo) I used to take care of them at Sakagura when I was a sake sommelier of Sakagura, but I couldn’t say good-bye to them at the time, so I haven’t seem them for 2 years since then, but we could meet up again for beautiful Kubota sake!

Sake always gives me great encounters and stories….It’s called sake magic!

Don’t miss it! Oraganic sake Akira special tasting menu at Hakubai

With Akira Bottle


NEW YORK, NYThe critically-acclaimed Hakubai Restaurant at The Kitano New York Hotel will offer an exclusive Sake Pairing in the newly designed restaurant through March 12, 2010.  The Sake pairing will feature Akira Sake imported for the occasion from the Kanazawa Daichi organic farm in Japan along with a special tasting menu created by Executive Chef Sato.  Akira Sake was specially selected for the occasion by Sake Sommelier Chizuko Niikawa, known for her extensive knowledge of Sake and pairing expertise.

The Sake Pairing menu will feature Akira Sake served warm and presented in a traditional Tokkuri Japanese decanter.  The menu will consist of three tasting portions of Ika Syuto Ae (squid marinated in Bonito liver), Alaskan King Crab Kani Miso Ae (Alaskan King Crab Marinated in Crab Brain) and Tako Wakame Kyurisu (Octopus, seaweed and cucumber marinated in Japanese rice vinegar).   Complimenting the menu will be the pairing of Akira Sake traditionally served warm and presented tableside in a Japanese Tokkuri.  The cost is just $30 per person and includes complimentary Sake; exclusive of tax and gratuities. For reservations call Hakubai Restaurant at (212) 885-7111 or e-mail Hakubai@kitano.com.

$30.00 Sake Paring

Ika Syuto Ae

Squid marinated in Bonito Liver

Alaskan King Crab Kani Miso Ae

Alaskan king crab Marinated in Crab Brain

Tako Wakame Kyurisu

Octopus, Seaweed and Cucumber Marinated in Japanese Rice Vinegar

Kagatobi Junmai Ginjo with Great Omakase Sushi at Hatsuhana

IMG_0784I had a great Omakase sushi dinner at Hatsuhana. The cute server woman served Kagatobi with big smile because Kagatobi is from her hometown Ishikawa prefecture. She was proud of her hometown! I love it!!


Chef Eiji Ichimura

Chef Ichimura has lived and worked in New York City since 1981 and has been crafting his guild for over 30 years.  In addition, he has served Edomae style sushi here in NYC to executives of Japanese businesses for over 15 years.

In 2002, he opened “Ichimura” in Mid-Town. Ichimura restaurant has been well reviewed by the world famous Michelin Guide, along with the New York Times, and was well visited by a myriad of celebrity patrons.

Chef Ichimura closed the door to “Ichimura” in 2007, and has recently been working as a consultant all over the world while preparing for the next step of his culinary journey. (This introduction of Chef Ichimura is written by NY Mutual Trading Inc.)

IMG_0786Heaven….. Sea urchin nigiri

IMG_0787Great sake friend, lightly seared octopus with spicy yuzu pepper paste

Kanazawa Daichi Farmer’s Spirit Event at Hakubai on Mezamashi TV

Mezamashi TV is one of the most popular Japanese morning TV show. My event with Kanazawa Daichi at Hakubai Japanese restaurant was in the show! Please check this out, and try new Hakubai! It’s soooo authentic Japanese!!

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