Just got back in NY from great sake breweries tour!


I’ll post all pictures soon!!!

Sake And The Sundance Film Festival Photos

My friend Ayumi Sakamoto is a great photographer. My husband and her husband are good friends and both are editors of the movie Blue Valentine. We traveled all together during Sundance film festival 2010 in Park City.

Photos by A Y U M I  SAKAMOTO

Sake And The Sundance Film Festival!


I had been in Park City for Sundance film festival for this last few days. My husband is film maker, and he edited one of the movies “Blue Valentine“. We had a great party with the crew, including Ryan Gosling and Michalle Williams. It was wonderful night!!


The movie is very beautiful and sad… so real love story. Ryan and Michalle are awesome! They made me cry a lot!

We wish Blue Valentine will get awarded….!


Sake Tasting in Chicago on May 21st 2009

I served Nanbu Bijin Sake at Consulate Gneral of Japan and Japanese restaurant JAPONES in Chicago on May 21st 2009. Mr. John Gauntner a.k.a Sake Guy talked about sake. Sake lovers of Chicago were so serious too! I want to go to Chicago again!

Nyutou Onsen in Akita in Jan.2009

Nyutou Onsen(hot spring) in Akita with my husband and friends from New York. Nyuto Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring.

We enjoyed many type of hot spring, and had grilled river fish, mountain vegetable dishes, hot pot dish, and lots of Sake of Akita.

It was 2days before my wedding ceremony….

Old house visit in my hometown in Jan.2009

My brother took me, my husband and friend to the oldest house in my tiny hometown of Akita prefecture. It was very interesting experience. The old lady served us Japanese sweet and green tea first. Then after while, she took us to their storage room to show HOME MADE SAKE. It was the thickest and strongest flavor sake ever in my life! It’s almost Moromi.

They showed us a stuffed bear which the old man captured. Also, they lent me their very old serious sake cups for my wedding ceremony. Those classic sake cups are very difficult to find nowadays.

Ekiben-Tonkatsu Bento Box

d90_akita_tokyo2009_13_61 Do you know Ekiben?

Eki means a train station, Ben means bento box. Yes. Ekiben=Bento box sold at train stations. Having Ekiben in a train is one of big pleasure of train trip.

This deep fried pork bento box is sold at Morioka station of Iwate prefecture. Especially, this pork is special local pork called “Sasuke Pork”.

You can fine Ekiben at train stations very easily in all over Japan.

Have a safe trip, and enjoy lovely Ekiben in your train! If you are going to Japan….

Kariho Brewery(Akita Seishu) in Jan.2009

Akita Seishu Brewery  83-1 Tochiya aza Amagasawa, Daisen-city Akita 014-0801, JAPAN
TEL 81-187-63-1224  FAX 81-187-66-2277
URL http://www.igeta.jp
E-mail info@igeta.jp

Another Akita Seishu’s brewery, Kariho Brewery in Akita. I visited there with my husband and friends from New York. This experience made them huge Sake fans!