1-66 Takeda Nihonmatsu-shi Fukushima Prefecture 964-0902
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Nihonmatsu-shi, Fukushima Prefecture. Mt. Adatara provides a setting of breathtaking natural beauty. At its foot is a rich supply of water from sources such as the Well of Sunshine (Hikage no Ido), one of Japan’s three most famous wells. According to tradition, three brothers from the Ohta family, of the Seiwa Genji line, came to Nihonmatsu from old Ise Province during the Kan’ei period (1624-1643). They each took up brewing, eventually becoming the area’s top merchants. Saburobe Yoshishige during the Meiwa era, and Chozaemon Toyoharu of the Murakami Genji line during the An’ei era, greatly bolstered the family fortunes. Saburoemon, son of Yoshishige began another family branch, establishing the current Daishichi Sake Brewery in 1752. From the third generation, Shichiemon was used as the family name, assumed by each head of the family in turn. From that time through to the present 10th generation, the family has focused exclusively on brewing sake. Called “Ohyama” sake in the early days, the name was later changed to “Daishichi”, incorporating elements of the name Shichiemon. During the time of the 8th Shichiemon, the brewery won the prestigious National Refined Sake Competition, and established its reputation as Japan’s leader in the traditional kimoto brewing method, now rare in Japan. More recently, Daishichi has earned high praise in the US and Europe.p1040028p1040007